97 Seaway Rd Sarnia Ont., Sarnia, ON, Canada, Ontario

About the Captian

I have been passionate about fishing since the age of 6 when my father taught me the sport. From then on each year, I spent all the time I could all summer long catching fish out of the small stream beside our farm.
I have fished and been on the water for over 50 years. In my twenties I worked for a commercial fishery, which was a great experience in all kinds of weather throughout the year.
While working for Imperial Oil, I received my small commercial vessel licence (SVOP) , (SDV-BS). I have also been recently trained and certified in the Red Cross Marine First Aid.
Since retiring, fishing continues to be a great passion and enjoyment in my life. I decided to create Twin Bridges Fishing Charters to be able to share the enjoyment of fishing with others and hopefully create some smiles along the way.


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